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Founded in 2013

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So many young people have been hurt, broken, discouraged,and even disappointed by the church, educators family members, friends, and life. God shared His heart, gave the vision, and made all provisions in 2013 for a team of Young Adults to produce change and impact in the lives of hundreds of youth & young adults to restore hope and embrace supernatural manifestations of God’s Holy power for these broken young people to see and experience.God did just that and today the Awakening Movement is a thriving ministry geared by a team of Young Adults and Teenagers with great inspiration to see many come to know Christ.We believe that when we lift high the name of Jesus, all will desire to pursue him with an unquenchable passion, regardless of their brokenness, heartaches, or failures. Through the Awakening Conferences many have been come to know Christ as their Savior and Lord; Many others have been miraculously healed, while others were delivered and set free from binding strongholds on their lives. With five dynamic nights of services, several day sessions that encouraged spiritual growth, community involvement, and personal concerns this conference not only allows individuals to experience dynamic worship services but allows them to be taught and cultivated in their areas of gifting and spiritual maturity.

The Awakening Team has set out with a vision and mission to awaken the hearts and spirit of the people across this nation and to expose them to the truth of God’s love and Miraculous signs and experience of His power. Our team is Spiritually covered under Apostolic covering and constantly seek the counsel of Bishop, Dr. Jeffery Scott & Pastor Belita Scott as well as Bishop, Dr. Ernest W. Jones & Pastor Cynthia Jones, our Parents in the Ministry. The team is consistently checking in with these key leaders who assisted in their launch and continue to deposit into this ministry.

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