Dr. Aaron B. McNair, Sr.

Farmville, NC

Apostle McNair is a man of vision and positive influence. Apostle McNair’s personal ministerial mission is to impact the world with effective life-changing ministries, to make and nurture humanity into Disciples of Christ. To usher humanity into economic and spiritual empowerment and to embrace and meet the holistic needs of all humanity.


Pastor Scott Mason

Raleigh, NC

Scott has a heart for missions, teaching the word of God, and rebuilding those things that are broken. He has led and participated in several international missions trips and founded a non-profit organization that aids in the fight against human trafficking. Scott has a passion for leadership and believes that in order to be the best leaders, we must always remain learners.


Pastor Patrick Kiteley

Atlanta, Georgia

Patrick has a passion to teach people to love Jesus, have fun and change the world. He is an itinerant speaker, coach and mentor. Over the past two decades Patrick has pastored in the church and worked with the business, arts and entertainment, sports, government, and education arenas.


Elder Tre'vone McNeill

Founder of The Awakening Movement

As the Founder of “The Awakening Movement, Inc.” a movement geared towards evangelistic outreach events that reach out to youth and young adults to encourage them to see the gifts of God that have been placed on the inside of them.


Andy Thompson

Durham, NC

Andy Thompson is a dynamic faith preacher who is recognized as a renowned Christian leader, educator and motivator. Whether he’s speaking to an audience of thousands, advising business leaders or providing cultural commentary on issues such as family relationships or leadership development, his fresh perspective is both inspirational, practical and produces life-changing results.


Each of our impacting sessions have been strategically designed to help launch you into that place in God and ministry that will help you to be the effective and catalyst leader that your local church and community has waited for. Be sure to register so that you may take advantage of them all. Registration is not required to attend the evening sessions.


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