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     Tre’vone L. McNeill was born in Fayetteville, NC. He is the Founder of “The Awakening Movement, Inc.” a movement geared towards evangelistic outreach events  that reach out to youth and young adults to encourage them to see the gifts of God that have been placed on the inside of them. He is married to the very beautiful  Lady Constance McNeill and together their dynamic ministry for the young people that causes them to have a full house of young adults and youth as well as causes  them to have many to cling to them for mentorship. They are the proud parents of one daughter, Nyla Grace McNeill.

He began preaching at the Age of 15 and is now serving at Kingdom Impact Global Ministries under the tutelage of Apostle William T. Ford & Pastor Glendora  Ford.
Evangelist Tre’vone McNeill was licensed as an Evangelist in 2009 under the leadership of Bishop James E. Hilton & Evangelist Mollie Hilton. He served under the  leadership of Pastor Larry E. Hilton & Asst. Pastor Jason Campbell, current Pastors of the Fayetteville Deliverance Evangelistic Center located in Fayetteville, NC  for 5 years. Evangelist Tre’vone McNeill faithfully served as a member of the Hour of Deliverance Broadcast Team, Praise and Worship Leader, Choir member, and Lead Evangelist for the “Invaders” Evangelistic Team, and Young Adult Ministry Minister, and Youth Pastor. He is now on staff and faithfully serves at Kingdom Impact Global Ministries where he is constantly being launched into global view of God’s Grace and expectation for revolutionists for ministry in this time. The love, compassion, and great standard His leaders uphold are just the key to what continues to push him at KIGM.
As Evangelist McNeill has progressed in ministry & the call of God, he is very sensitive to the gift of God as he flows and operates in the gifts of healing and the prophetic anointing. There have been many testimonies following the conferences, revivals, and services he has preached and conducted throughout his years of ministry of God’s miraculous power.

The title Evangelist does not stop his faithfulness or service to the body. He is a servant at heart. His motivation is SOULS, SOULS, SOULS. Tre’vone says: “It’s about kingdom purpose and fulfillment. Winning souls is the key point.” He often goes with the motto: “Nobody cares about how much you know until they know about how much you care.” People don’t want a massage, they want a message! Not just any message, a message that produces life and brings correction and direction to the soul! Preaching Jesus and receiving the free gifts afforded to the Body of Christ is the key to deliverance, breakthrough, healing, and everything needed in the lives of God’s people. God is not concerned about repertoire, he is concerned about relationship!

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